Asparagus and feta omelette

This omelette feels like a true brunch treat and is in fact pretty easy to make. I would recommend to make a sauce hollandaise for this, but since it might slight overkill to make that in the morning, you can also just mix use one of the alternatives suggested below (depending on where in the world you are).


Ingredients (1 omelette):

  • 5 asparaguses
  • 50 g feta cheese
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbsp water
  • salt & pepper
  • finely grated parmesan cheese (optional)

The different alternatives to sauce hollandaise

  • Mix 50 ml of quark with an egg yolk and add 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice and some salt.
  • Blend 50 ml of cottage cheese in a blender and add an egg yolk, 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice and some salt.


Bring 1-2 cm of water to a boil in a wide and deep pan and add the asparagus and some salt. Cook until crunchy but soft inside. Pour off the water and put the asparaguses on a plate.

Make the sauce and put aside.

Whisk together the eggs with the water, salt and pepper, and if you like, some grated parmesan cheese. Melt the butter on a low temperature in a wide pan and pour carefully the egg mix into it and make sure it covers the pan evenly.

When the surface of the omelette is dry (make sure the bottom doesn’t get burnt!), spread the sauce over the middle part of the omelette. Place the asparagus neatly on top of the sauce stripe and crumble feta cheese over it. With the help of a spatula, gently fold the omelette, one side at the time, over the asparagus until you have a crepe-shaped omelette. Serve immediately, preferably with a crisp salad.