Had a balanced late breakfast at work with scrambled eggs in tomato sauce and beef and some hand-made corn tortillas. It was delicious, and sugar free. I am still not actually craving sugar but I notice that I have to fight my impulses all the time. There is candy *everywhere*. Only in the last three hours that I have been outside of my house I have had to stop myself a hundred times: candy in the Uber, mints with the bill for my breakfast, something I am sure is Chinese dessert at my boss’s table, vanilla powder for my coffee at Starbucks… seriously, even things you cannot eat come with candy! I realize that my biggest enemy these days is not going to be desperation, but impulse. Trying to drink LOTS of water and keep calm.

Ice cream. I had totally forgotten that this means I can’t have ice cream. Seriously, what have I done?

And neither my coconut-flavored electrolyte drink. I don’t want to live anymore.

Thank the Lord for BMW agencies and their unflavored popcorn 🙏🏼

*Preparing healthy dinner (recipe here) and snacking on cheese and then more cheese, but this time with melon*: “These are totally two different snacks, and I promise I will be healthy as soon as I’m not so goddamn hungry”.

I might have to work on the concept of “no angst eating”.


Although today has been rather unbalanced time-wise, and despite my pre-dinner cheating, I can still proudly say that I haven’t touched sugar today, and it hasn’t even been THAT bad. In line with this new feel-good lifestyle I am no also going to try a new salsa class that I found near to my home. In general, I feel like I can totally do this. And it feels really, really good to know that I haven’t stuffed myself with poison today.


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